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vbl. think的过去式和过去分词

n. 想法, 思想, 关心, 挂念, 思维, 思潮




  • Guys, look. We're almost home! Buddy, I never doubted you. Me either Except for the six or seven times I thought we were going to die.


    Ice Age 4 - 冰河世纪4
  • I thought I'd catch you on the way in. I'd love the opportunity to discuss what may seem like weaknesses on my application.


    The Pursuit of Happyness - 当幸福来敲门
  • Captain! Shira! Oh, what a relief! I thought we'd lost you. The mammoth. He washed ashore with me.


    Ice Age 4 - 冰河世纪4
  • I thought I didn't owe you that now. -What? Why? -Why what? Why would you think you don't owe me my money?


    The Pursuit of Happyness - 当幸福来敲门
  • How did we wind up with the monkey last night anyway? I needed some blow and Alan thought he was cute so we stole him!


    The Hangover 2 - 宿醉2
  • Oh, you're going? Well, you know, it's getting light out, so I thought I could just You should go if you want to go.


    One Day - 一天
  • Look, I haven't seen you on telly for a while. I thought if you wanted a fresh start Callum, mate. Mate, mate, mate.


    One Day - 一天
  • I thought I'd make a difference, but no one knows I'm here. Listen, listen. Nothing truly good was ever easy.


    One Day - 一天
  • And um, a lot of thought has gone into this and I hope that you appreciate it as much as I did, or going to.


    The Hangover 2 - 宿醉2
  • Bearhug, snootch? I thought we agreed about snootch? I can't seem to say anything right these days, can I?


    One Day - 一天
  • No, I didn't know. I thought you might, but I didn't know. You knew I was gonna tell him, and you knew he was gonna fucking fire me.


    The Ides of March - 总统杀局
  • - I thought it was an accident. - I don't know. You're gonna have to tell me. You're the last person she called.


    The Ides of March - 总统杀局
  • i know, i know, i'm do for a talking, too after my little bow to a police this morning. but i thought it would be more pleasant to do it over dinner.


    Ugly Betty - 丑女贝蒂
  • Betty I thought you were gonna talk some sense into him. I'm a little surprised that you encourage him to get busy He found someone he likes.


    Ugly Betty - 丑女贝蒂
  • The thing is, you seem to have everything so together, And--and I thought maybe you could help me Turn things around by getting me a job here.


    Ugly Betty - 丑女贝蒂
  • I thought we were gonna keep this within the family. Well they subpoenaed our evidence which included your paternity test.


    Ugly Betty - 丑女贝蒂
  • Well I thought we could go out for dessert take a walk Or we could do whatever you want to do 'cause I don't have to be home anytime soon.


    Ugly Betty - 丑女贝蒂
  • I guess sometimes I do live in betty suarez land But only because I really thought that we could be friends again.


    Ugly Betty - 丑女贝蒂
  • I was just surprised yesterday. I never thought you were the type of person Who'd do something like this. wait, wait, wait, wait. wait a minute.


    Ugly Betty - 丑女贝蒂
  • I mean, I spent the entire day trying to prove that he's innocent, And all I found out was that Everything is more complicated than I thought.


    Ugly Betty - 丑女贝蒂




spare a thought for想到;替…着想

thought process思维过程

thought provoking发人深思的

have second thoughts经过重新考虑而改变主意;(重新考虑后)改变主意

original thought起初思维,独到的思想

in thought在沉思;在思考之中

basic thought基本思想

deep thoughtn. 沉思;冥想

second thought重新考虑;改变主意

mode of thought思维方式

at the thought of一想起

at first thought初一想;乍一想

thought experiment思维实验;思考实验

lost in thought陷入沉思,沉思

give thought to考虑到

food for thought引人深思的事

thought about想到

on second thought进一步考虑后,仔细考虑后

school of thought学派;思想派别

thought of想出