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词汇等级:四级, 雅思

n. 刺痛, 痛苦

vi. 刺痛

adj. 漂亮的, 聪明的, 巧妙的, 潇洒的, 刺痛的, 剧烈的, 敏捷的, 伶俐的, 时髦的




  • Everybody wears cowboy hats. And a ten-gallors a big hat. I was smart back then, so they called me Ten-Gallon Head.


    The Pursuit of Happyness - 当幸福来敲门
  • -He said you're smart. -Well, I like to think so. -And you want to learn this business? -Yes, sir, I wanna learn.


    The Pursuit of Happyness - 当幸福来敲门
  • She is smart, a former model, Loves her job and her idea of a perfect Day is a picnic in the park with children.


    Ugly Betty - 丑女贝蒂
  • But you're a smart girl. I am, and I know exactly what she's capable of, So I'll just keep my eyes open at all times.


    Ugly Betty - 丑女贝蒂
  • - Good for you. - Yeah. She's also a scientist, so she's very smart and pretty and It's actually because of you that we're together.

    - 这样啊,恭喜你了 - 是啊。她也是科学家,很聪明也很漂亮。而且事实上是因为你我们才在一起的。

    Friends - 老友记
  • MR. FOX: Remember, they aren't very smart, but they're incredibly paranoid, so always kill a chicken in one bite.


    Fantastic Mr Fox - 了不起的狐狸爸爸
  • I mean, even sleeping he looks smart. I bet he's a lawyer. Yeah, but did you see the dents in his knuckles? That means he's artistic.

    即使在昏迷中,他仍一副精明样 我猜他是个律师。你有看见他手关节上的凹凸吗? 那代表他有艺术气息。

    Friends - 老友记
  • Do I know you? My uncle says you're very smart but not very nice, so I shouldn't pay no mind if you're mean to me.


    A Beautiful Mind - 美丽心灵
  • Then we could just live together, herding sheep. And it'll rain money from L.D. Newsome and whiskey will flow in the streams. Jack, that's real smart.


    Brokeback Mountain - 断背山
  • I'm sorry, Clem. I'd make a fucking good mother! I love children, I'm creative and smart, and I'd make a fucking great mother!


    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - 美丽心灵的永恒阳光
  • and I thought I was a real smart guy. Cut it short--went down to Wall Street and worked with Jack Dreyfus and then I was playing the market in 1961.


    Financial Markets - 金融市场
  • We tend to think of doing things in a certain way-- everyone else is doing it-- and we assume that that's the smart way to do things.


    Financial Markets - 金融市场
  • one thing about efficient markets theory that has always bothered me is this idea that the so-called "smart money" sets prices in the market.


    Financial Markets - 金融市场
  • Because she's sensitive and she's smart, she's artistic. This is a great girl and you gotta be respectful of that. Come on.


    Silver Linings Playbook - 乌云背后的幸福线
  • Oh, I see. A smart killer would use the Blue Orchid to frame an innocent man for murder and keep the small diamonds.


    The Mentalist - 超感神探
  • Well, you have a very smart gut. And the one thing that Shade's story does confirm is that Lem was over at the model homes after 8:00 P.M.


    The Mentalist - 超感神探
  • I've gotta tell you, Bob is terrific. Yeah, isn't he? It's so great to meet a guy who's smart and funny and has an emotional age beyond 8.

    我得告诉你 鲍柏超棒的。对,说的可不是?能遇到一个聪明、有趣。成熟度超过八岁的男人真好。

    Friends - 老友记
  • You're mistaken, counselor. I'm smart. I have good hygiene. I'm an decent guitar player, a good cook. I cook food all the time.


    The Descendants - 后人
  • Go take a nice long vacation. You're a smart guy. Everything that I said the other day is absolutely true.


    The Ides of March - 总统杀局
  • My point is, I know more about dating than you, and if you were as smart as you think you are, you would listen to me.


    The Big Bang Theory - 生活大爆炸




play it smart干得好,做得对

smart money抚恤金;罚款;因掌握内情而下的赌注;(英)伤兵抚恤

smart card智能卡

street smartn. 熟悉都市生活方式和世态的;街头智慧

a smart guy精明的家伙

smart forv. 受罚

little smart小灵通(中国网通和中国电信联合推出的移动通信产品)

smart phone智能电话