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  • A few days ago I was presented with a report I'd asked for a comprehensive audit, if you will, of our economic condition.


    The Pursuit of Happyness - 当幸福来敲门
  • He called the English "the disturbers of our harmony. " And I remember standing there that day thinking about the disturbers of mine.


    The Pursuit of Happyness - 当幸福来敲门
  • You know, I didn't have any notion that you were new there. I like you, but there's not a chance I'm gonna let you direct our fund.


    The Pursuit of Happyness - 当幸福来敲门
  • Hello, Chris Gardner calling for Mr. Walter Hobb. We were all working our way up call sheets to sign clients.


    The Pursuit of Happyness - 当幸福来敲门
  • Favors for Frakesh, our office manager. All day. My name is Chris Gardner calling for Mr. Michael Anderson.


    The Pursuit of Happyness - 当幸福来敲门
  • -What are you doing up here? -I came to apologize for missing our appointment. -You didn't need to come up.


    The Pursuit of Happyness - 当幸福来敲门
  • You know where our friend is, Teddy? He's missing! - Stu, forget it. The guy's worthless. - He knows something!


    The Hangover 2 - 宿醉2
  • Thanks, man. Alright, let's do this! C'mon, c'mon! Tell 'em we found him. Yeah, I know. But we're on our way. Ok, bye!


    The Hangover 2 - 宿醉2
  • I would like to thank everyone for coming to our wedding. For what can only be described as a whirlwind romance.


    One Day - 一天
  • It has been said that magic vanished from our world a long time ago, and that humanity can no longer fulfill its desires through the power of wishes.


    Ted - 泰迪熊
  • I know what you did with Ted wasn't easy, and I just want you to know that I love you for it, and I think it's a new beginning for our relationship.


    Ted - 泰迪熊
  • It pains me to say this, but our prisoner has a point. Yeah, well Guys. The trees have ears.


    Ice Age 4 - 冰河世纪4
  • -Yeah, Chris. -Yes, Mr. Ribbon I would love to have the opportunity to discuss some of our products.


    The Pursuit of Happyness - 当幸福来敲门
  • Today it is 75 billion. During these 20 years, our population has only increased by 23. 3 percent.


    The Pursuit of Happyness - 当幸福来敲门
  • Just to be clear, I'm not embarrassed. Listen, John and I may have our problems, but at least he tried.


    Ted - 泰迪熊
  • We have to understand why our enemies are our enemies and see if there's something we can do besides using force.


    The Ides of March - 总统杀局
  • It matters what you did, what you didn't do. If this is true, I made a fucking ass of myself at Thompson's place and l gave away our game plan.


    The Ides of March - 总统杀局
  • For the record, my campaign is vehemently against the distribution of wealth to the richest Americans by our government.


    The Ides of March - 总统杀局
  • Either we're going to let greed and corruption ruin our industries and our shorelines or we are going to take back our country.


    The Ides of March - 总统杀局
  • I really wanted it to be special You know, something could remember as "our night." You and Connor have so much history together.


    Ugly Betty - 丑女贝蒂