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num. 九, 九个




  • Bastard. We're going to listen to him play free jazz on the piano for about nine hours, and it's going to be lots of fun and in no way awkward.


    One Day - 一天
  • Tom Duffy, 2008: "This is a matchup between hope vs. fear. Nine times out of 10, the fear candidate tends to be most experienced.


    The Ides of March - 总统杀局
  • You're my idol. As comforting as it was to be Garrett's idol, it didn't diminish the horror of being Basketboy number nine.


    Flipped - 怦然心动
  • Not the point. When we were first married you were the only woman that I had ever slept with and now I have had sex with nine different women... God.


    Crazy Stupid Love - 疯狂愚蠢的爱
  • Did you? Yeah, I was nine or ten years old. I had to stop because my brother slammed my finger in the car door.


    Hachiko - 忠犬八公的故事
  • It would take that as collateral for a twenty-nine billion dollar loan to JP Morgan under the condition that JP Morgan would buy Bear Stearns.


    Financial Markets - 金融市场
  • That will again be a Friday, but it will be at nine o'clock and he will be here, so I think that will be a lot of fun also.


    Financial Markets - 金融市场
  • Now, there are different kinds of hedge funds --there's a lot of legal complexity here -but a 3c1 hedge fund is limited to ninety-nine investors.


    Financial Markets - 金融市场
  • You could game me by writing really wide intervals for nine of ten questions and then an extremely narrow interval for the tenth.


    Financial Markets - 金融市场
  • Well, if I was inclined to be generous, and I don't know why I would be inclined to be generous nine thousand... maybe.


    Django.Unchained - 被解放的姜戈
  • Look, look. The last candle's about to burn out. Ten, nine, eight, seven minus 46, minus 47, minus 48 ROSS: Thank you. MONICA: Thanks.

    快看,最后一根蜡烛要熄了。十 , 九 , 八 , 七,。负46,负47,负48。- 谢谢 - 谢谢。

    Friends - 老友记
  • Two crew members and four passengers. Fifty-nine people were treated and released, 37 people remain Who did we lose on the crew?


    Flight - 迫降航班
  • We'll get you some moonshine. Don't lie to the man. If we were getting paid, Blackie wouldn't have red-lighted nine men.


    Water For Elephants - 大象的眼泪
  • I'm going to answer that with a visual aid. This is my nine-disc complete Lord of the Rings trilogy blu-ray set.


    The Big Bang Theory - 生活大爆炸
  • To any rational person,that would mean room for nine cards, but they don't tell you,the removable id takes up one slot.

    对任何理性人来说 那意味着可以放九张卡,但上面没告诉你 可抽取的ID卡夹也占了一个插缝。

    The Big Bang Theory - 生活大爆炸
  • Although nine other fossils of archaeopteryx have since been discovered, it is this one that remains the most important.


    Museum of Life - 生命博物馆
  • I can't believe I'm doing this with you. Although I did just end a nine-year relationship so I should be open to taking some risks.


    Friends - 老友记
  • - I've been opening these since I was 9. - Nine? - What kind of 9-year-old girl wears a bra? - No, no. I was 9.

    - 我9岁的时候就会了 - 9岁就会了?- 9岁的女孩穿胸罩? - 不,不,是我9岁的时候。

    Friends - 老友记
  • So I understand you're thinking of having a baby. Wow. I see you're nine months pregnant. That's a good start.


    Friends - 老友记
  • They'd stay till 7, but I had Christopher. I had to do in six hours what they do in nine.


    The Pursuit of Happyness - 当幸福来敲门


nine years old九岁

cloud ninen. [俚]九重天(想象中的天堂);[俚]极乐心境;[俚]狂喜状态

nine out of ten十分之九,百分之九十

whole nine yards[美口]全部;一切事物;从头至尾

on cloud nine非常高兴,九霄云上

nine to five朝九晚五