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n. 一餐, 膳食, 粗粉

vi. 进餐




  • It's so nice of you to make me lunch. What's the occasion? Since when do I need an occasion to make my girlfriend a meal?


    Ugly Betty - 丑女贝蒂
  • Topic? All these east side cows always have a topic of Conversation they like to introduce during the meal.


    Ugly Betty - 丑女贝蒂
  • You're right. I'm probably overreacting. It's just she's staying at this party hotel on the beach...with a huge pool and free drinks with every meal.

    你说得对,我反应过度了。她要住在滨海饭店 有大游泳池,每顿都有免费的饮料…。

    Friends - 老友记
  • Here I was, about to have lunch with Eddie Trulock while the boy I mooned over for half my life was going to share a meal with my mortal enemy.


    Flipped - 怦然心动
  • Shrewd. Leonard, you're right. We should enjoy our meal, arrive late, and risk winding up with terrible seats, assuming we get in at all.


    The Big Bang Theory - 生活大爆炸
  • We smuggle Slurpies, which are essentially Icees, in under our coats, after having a pleasant meal either here, here or here.


    The Big Bang Theory - 生活大爆炸
  • There is an inherent ambiguity in the word "dinner. " Technically it refers to the largest meal of the day whenever it's consumed.


    The Big Bang Theory - 生活大爆炸
  • Oh,lord,we thank you for this meal and all of your bounty. And we pray that you help sheldon get back on his rocker.

    主啊 感谢您赐予我们晚餐 及您所有的恩赐。我们祈求您帮助谢尔顿重新振作。

    The Big Bang Theory - 生活大爆炸
  • Ah, then your meal choice is appropriate. Starch absorbs fluid which reduces the amount of vomit Available for violent expulsion.


    The Big Bang Theory - 生活大爆炸
  • - Wow, yeah, look at that. - And in this area, in the stomach and gut area, we have the remains of its last meal.


    Museum of Life - 生命博物馆
  • This, believe it or not, is part of a mammoth's stomach. This is the stomach wall, and here is the compressed food of this animal's last meal.


    Museum of Life - 生命博物馆
  • It didn't work out with Kathy? Bummer. No,things are fine. I'm having a late meal with her after an early one with Casey.


    Friends - 老友记
  • But let's not ruin this day. You've worked so hard. Let's move past this and try to have a nice meal all together, huh?


    Friends - 老友记
  • It's the perfect meal for apres l'amour. Oh, kill me. By the way, I couldn't help overhearing your big finish.


    The Big Bang Theory - 生活大爆炸
  • What the hell happened? We're having a friendly meal here. This was a nice evening.


    Ted - 泰迪熊
  • Okay,so she said she wants to slow things down. It's like saying,"I'm really enjoying this meal.

    好吧 她是说了 想要慢慢来。意思差不多就是 "今天的晚餐我非常喜欢。

    The Big Bang Theory - 生活大爆炸
  • Half a dozen of those on your plate and I think you'd agree you've got a pretty hearty meal.


    Museum of Life - 生命博物馆
  • All right, Let's say I go to dinner alone, And during the meal, I have to use the restroom.


    The Big Bang Theory - 生活大爆炸
  • It's like cooking a beautiful meal and putting it straight in the refrigerator Forever.


    The Mentalist - 超感神探
  • I thought a romantic meal might force you To take time out to enjoy yourself.


    Ugly Betty - 丑女贝蒂




meal ticketn. (美)饭票;餐券;[俚]赖以为生的工作;提供生活来源的人

barium meal[医]钡餐

meat meal肉粉,肉骨粉

set mealn. 套餐;客饭

meal time用餐时间

alfalfa meal苜蓿粉,苜蓿草粉

whole mealn. 粗面粉

cottonseed meal柏子粉;棉籽粉

fish meal(用作肥料或饲料的)鱼粉

cook a meal做饭

light meal便餐

corn meal玉米粉;玉米面

have a meal吃饭

soybean mealn. 大豆粉;黄豆粉

blood meal血粉

square meal美餐;饱餐

full meal丰盛的一餐

evening meal晚餐

to eat a meal吃饭

bone meal骨粉(可用作动物饲料或肥料)