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词汇等级:六级, 雅思

n. 冰, 矜持, 冰淇淋, 糖衣, 冷若冰霜, 贿赂

vi. 结冰

vt. 覆以糖衣, 冰冻, 使结冰, 冰镇

abbr. [军] Intenal Combustion Engine, 内燃机




  • - What did he say? - I don't know. Now get this chunk of ice seaworthy by sundown or I will keelhaul the lot of you!


    Ice Age 4 - 冰河世纪4
  • Not interested. But we fought dinosaurs in the Ice Age. It didn't make sense, but it sure was exciting.


    Ice Age 4 - 冰河世纪4
  • Put his finger on ice and fell asleep. Now what do you do if you wake up and you find your finger floating in a bowl of melted ice?


    The Hangover 2 - 宿醉2
  • I'd get more ice, Stu... on the 15th fuckin floor! Yes! Teddy goes up, the power goes out - Holy shit! Of course! - He's at the ice machine.


    The Hangover 2 - 宿醉2
  • Hands off. Anyway. Here we are on a ship moving at quite a clip through the ever-shifting ice.


    Ice Age 4 - 冰河世纪4
  • Do you want to just take a shower here? oh. I'll go get some ice cream, and then when I come back, we can talk. talk?


    Ugly Betty - 丑女贝蒂
  • So if you could, please, please, please Try and help me find a life-sized, Anatomically correct black vodka ice sculpture of you know who God!


    Ugly Betty - 丑女贝蒂
  • But it has to be delivered at 8:00 p.m.sharp Sharp because it's an ice sculpture, and I don't want it to melt.


    Ugly Betty - 丑女贝蒂
  • I once dated this guy who wanted to pretend that he was an archeologist, and I was this naughty cavewoman who he unfroze from a block of ice.

    我曾经约会过一个男的 总是想要假装,他是考古学家而我是他从冰块中解救出来调皮的山顶洞女人。

    Friends - 老友记
  • -It's stuck. -Stuck how? In snow? In ice? It's stuck! The most important truck...the Kremlin truck! Many packages.


    Cast Away - 荒岛余生
  • I thought I was supposed to be something else. You know, I'm an ice dancer, all my friends are gay. I was just trying to fit in.

    我不应该是这样的。我是冰上舞者 我朋友都是同志,我只是想融入他们。

    Friends - 老友记
  • - Feeling a little better, sir? - No, l'm not feeling any better. l feel dreadful. Ah Been, uh, ice skating? lce skating?


    The Kings Speech - 国王的演讲
  • Well, Reina, thank you for stopping by Scottie, let me give you some money, and you two can go get ice cream Too many carbs.


    The Descendants - 后人
  • Or ice dancing. Actually, my tests of the Aharonov-Bohm quantum interference effect have reached an interesting point.


    The Big Bang Theory - 生活大爆炸
  • Yeah, yeah, yeah. shh. I only bring it up because your ice cream's melting And it's starting to attract wildlife.


    The Big Bang Theory - 生活大爆炸
  • So, I heard your relationship with Penny crashed to the ground Like blue ice falling out of an airplane lavatory.


    The Big Bang Theory - 生活大爆炸
  • "like blue ice falling out of an airplane lavatory," yeah. I thought it was a pretty good one. I gave him an lol.


    The Big Bang Theory - 生活大爆炸
  • I'm sorry. I could have accepted our kids being Genetically unable to eat ice cream Or ever get a good view of a parade.


    The Big Bang Theory - 生活大爆炸
  • That bitch! Want some coffee liqueur on your ice cream? Ah, here's the alcohol and drug peer pressure Mother warned me about.


    The Big Bang Theory - 生活大爆炸
  • As winter closes in, the sea around the narwhals begins to freeze over, leaving them with fewer and fewer holes in the ice.


    Ocean Giants - 海洋巨物




ice crystal冰晶

sea ice海冰;海上浮冰

ice cap[地]冰盖;冰冠

ice skating滑冰

ice hockey冰球,冰上曲棍球

ice sheet[地]冰原;冰盖;冰盾

ice cold冰的,冰冷的

thin ice薄冰

polar ice极地冰

on ice在狱中;有成功或胜利把握;搁置起来的;暂缓

on thin ice如履薄冰

ice watern. 冰水

vanilla ice cream香草冰淇淋

break the ice打破沉默,打破僵局;破冰

ice cream冰淇淋

put on ice[俚语]

ice age冰期;[地]冰河时代

water ice(英)冰糕(用果汁等制成的);(非雪压成的)水冻冰块

melting ice融冰

dry ice干冰,固态二氧化碳