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词汇等级:四级, 雅思

n. 晚餐, 正餐, 宴会, 主餐, 晚宴




  • Never mind. Take her to Benihana. John, look, don't you think after four years maybe she's hoping for something more than dinner?


    Ted - 泰迪熊
  • i know, i know, i'm do for a talking, too after my little bow to a police this morning. but i thought it would be more pleasant to do it over dinner.


    Ugly Betty - 丑女贝蒂
  • I think that is why I became a beautician. Papi, dinner! He's still upstairs with Elena doing his physical therapy.


    Ugly Betty - 丑女贝蒂
  • Was I overly enthusiastic? You said " mate." Dinner for two from the Waverly Inn has been ordered, dropped off at your place at 8:00 and-- Stop.


    Ugly Betty - 丑女贝蒂
  • But i-i don't think This is what either one of us want. But thank you, jesse, for everything, For--for the drinks and the dinner.


    Ugly Betty - 丑女贝蒂
  • Oh, my god. just--ow. He was starting to get a little bit of a pot, But I was like, "no, not on my watch." So, betty, we have to have dinner.


    Ugly Betty - 丑女贝蒂
  • What has gotten into you? Finish your dinner. je pas faim. Fine. you're not hungry? go do your english homework.


    Ugly Betty - 丑女贝蒂
  • How great is this? The four of us out to dinner. How long have we been saying we were going to. . .


    Ted - 泰迪熊
  • You never think about our future? I think about whose apartment we'll sleep at tomorrow and where we'll have dinner next Saturday!


    Friends - 老友记
  • - Oh, hey. - I just left you a message. Ross and I were gonna go grab a bite but now that you're here, we could have that dinner.

    - 嗨 - 我才刚留言给你。罗斯跟我刚要去吃点东西,但是既然你在这里我们可以共用晚餐了。

    Friends - 老友记
  • No, no, no. You cannot go to dinner with him. - What? You don't want me to get a job? - Yeah, I'm sure he'll give you a job.

    不,不.你不能和他吃饭。- 什么? 你不希望我有这份工作? - 当然 我肯定他会给你一份工作。

    Friends - 老友记
  • As I was getting dressed for the Loskis' dinner party I found myself staring at the painting my father had given me and became furious all over again.


    Flipped - 怦然心动
  • Little Forrest is doing just fine. "But..." About to start school again so on, and and I make his breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day.


    Forrest Gump - 阿甘正传
  • So, what are you guys gonna do? Well, I just thought we'd go to dinner then bring her back to my place and I'd introduce her to my monkey.


    Friends - 老友记
  • Uh, so, Jess, did Molly get through dinner okay? Yeah, yeah, she's - You jumped out of a moving car? - I did. I jumped out of a moving car.


    Crazy Stupid Love - 疯狂愚蠢的爱
  • Well, it took a near catastrophe for all of you to finally take me up on my offer to have you over to the flint-mine for dinner.


    Fantastic Mr Fox - 了不起的狐狸爸爸
  • Okay, it's a little true. But if you think she still hates you, you're wrong because why would she tell me to invite you to dinner?


    Silver Linings Playbook - 乌云背后的幸福线
  • I hate the fact that you wore a football jersey to dinner because I hate football, but you can fuck me if you turn the lights off, okay?


    Silver Linings Playbook - 乌云背后的幸福线
  • Anyway one night after dinner, he drove to Victoria's Secret at King of Prussia Mall and got some lingerie to get something going.


    Silver Linings Playbook - 乌云背后的幸福线
  • I was at dinner with a client. And then after that, I was shootin' Estella at some dirty little hotel in the Tenderloin-- The Seventh Veil.


    The Mentalist - 超感神探




dinner setn. 成套的餐具

cook dinner做饭;做晚饭

family dinner家宴;家里聚会吃饭

thanksgiving dinner感恩节晚餐

at dinner用餐;吃晚餐;正在用餐,正在吃饭

dinner partyn. 宴会

cooking dinner做饭

make dinner做晚餐

welcome dinner欢迎宴会

farewell dinner送别宴

after dinner餐后;晚餐后

eat dinner吃晚饭,吃晚餐

dinner table餐桌

annual dinner周年晚宴;公司年会

buffet dinnern. 自助餐

have a dinner进餐,吃饭

stay for dinner留下来吃饭

have dinner吃晚饭

candlelight dinner烛光晚餐;烛光晚宴

gala dinner晚宴