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adv. 几乎, 差不多



  • Guys, look. We're almost home! Buddy, I never doubted you. Me either Except for the six or seven times I thought we were going to die.


    Ice Age 4 - 冰河世纪4
  • Ok, so do you remember if he left with us? Yeah, you were all leaving together, but you almost forgot this one right here.


    The Hangover 2 - 宿醉2
  • But it was dark and it was hard to keep track. And then, you almost sat on em. I couldn't tell which was which.


    The Hangover 2 - 宿醉2
  • And we face runaway deficits of almost $80 billion for this budget year that ends September 30th.


    The Pursuit of Happyness - 当幸福来敲门
  • You know about that? I was almost relieved to spend the night in jail Rather than with these piranhas I call my friends.


    Ugly Betty - 丑女贝蒂
  • And that's why for four years, they called me "granny pants." Christin I have worked too hard just to Get the people at "mode" to almost not hate me.


    Ugly Betty - 丑女贝蒂
  • -What? -it's been official for almost a month now. I'm the editor-in-chief of "mode," And this office is now a nursery Awaiting the birth of my child.


    Ugly Betty - 丑女贝蒂
  • Do you want to go get a drink after this? I feel like I could use one after seeing a guy almost die.


    Ted - 泰迪熊
  • So how's the baby-styling business going? Not that great. It's almost as if people don't want to hear that their babies are ugly.


    Friends - 老友记
  • And then you say that it's almost midnight and you have to go because you don't want to start the new year with me if you can't finish it.

    然后说已经午夜了 你得走了,。因为你不想开启一个 无法和我一起结束的新年。

    Friends - 老友记
  • - Yeah? - And she's always: "Are you okay? Do you have cancer? Are you gonna commit suicide? " It's almost not worth it.


    Before Sunset - 爱在日落黄昏时
  • In a way, I'm almost glad that flood interrupted us, because I don't like the toast I was giving. I'm going to start over.


    Fantastic Mr Fox - 了不起的狐狸爸爸
  • Almost all of the oil is sold in long-term contracts, so an oil company will sell a contract to deliver regularly to some refinery, oil.


    Financial Markets - 金融市场
  • The worst market of them all is Miami and this market is predicting almost a 35% home price decline by November of 2012.


    Financial Markets - 金融市场
  • It was already dead, but they held it up and cut its throat, and they were just trying to get me angry, and I almost hit this guy.


    The.Cove - 海豚湾
  • He wanted me to hit him. I mean, he just egged me on, and I almost-- man, I almost decked this guy and knocked him off that rock.


    The.Cove - 海豚湾
  • Almost nobody eats dolphin meat, but 23,000 are slaughtered every year, so that begs the question, Where is all this meat going?


    The.Cove - 海豚湾
  • So, the experimenters, after they got the number, they'd say, hey your number is almost the same as the number that just came up.


    Financial Markets - 金融市场
  • Why did that happen? Now they are falling and in real terms home prices have fallen almost 10% since the peak in 2006.

    这是为什么呢?从2006年房价格最高点算起现在房价已经下跌了将近 10%。

    Financial Markets - 金融市场
  • That has kind of almost entered the English language in the sense that you'll see it quoted occasionally in newspapers.


    Financial Markets - 金融市场



almost all几乎处处