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词汇等级:四级, 雅思

prep. 在...之内

n. 内部, 里头

adj. 里面的, 内部的

adv. 在内部, 在内心里



  • The Buddha teach, every memory lives somewhere deep within. Perhaps you should bring your question to the Garden of Meditation.


    The Hangover 2 - 宿醉2
  • Is it decisive? No, of course not. But we believe the polls are within the margin of error and that the senator will win Ohio.


    The Ides of March - 总统杀局
  • I thought we were gonna keep this within the family. Well they subpoenaed our evidence which included your paternity test.


    Ugly Betty - 丑女贝蒂
  • We give them ad space, they give you the tiara for 48 hours, And also Ed and Andy have to be within 20 feet of the tiara at all times.


    Ugly Betty - 丑女贝蒂
  • What was that? You said be nice to Penny. I believe offering chocolate to someone Falls within the definition of nice.


    The Big Bang Theory - 生活大爆炸
  • Because these National Guardsmen are here today as federal soldiers for Alabama, and they live within our borders.


    Forrest Gump - 阿甘正传
  • Within a couple of weeks. The markets are saying they're going to go all the way back to one, which was the low for short-term rates.


    Financial Markets - 金融市场
  • Discussing them within the context of what has been called, although I suppose it can't be called that anymore,


    Financial Markets - 金融市场
  • We have to keep it quiet, though. 'Cause if anyone hears that they're trying to sell Lehman'll be dead within the hour.


    Too Big to Fail - 大而不倒
  • Why... why wouldn't I wake up? Because there was still some time on the clock, and you can't wake up within a dream unless you die.


    Inception - 盗梦空间
  • Same mission template as before. 15:45, Assault Force Delta will infiltrate the target building and seize all suspects within.


    Black Hawk Down - 黑鹰坠落
  • He cannot be treated like a slave. Within the bounds of good taste, he must be treated as an extension of myself.


    Django.Unchained - 被解放的姜戈
  • I would like to trust somebody or something. You know, you, with your wheels within wheels-- You're driving me nuts.


    The Mentalist - 超感神探
  • All right, Charlie. Twenty grand it is, but if you lose and you welch, I'll come after you and beat you to within an inch of your life.


    Real Steel - 铁甲钢拳
  • - Come on, man. - What? - You serious? - You thought I was joking when I said I'd beat you within an inch of your life?


    Real Steel - 铁甲钢拳
  • And finally, its main ingredient is paneer, a farmer's cheese that would cause Leonard to render any room uninhabitable within minutes.


    The Big Bang Theory - 生活大爆炸
  • But residing within you, is the potential for another me. Perhaps even taller, smarter, and less prone to freckling, a sheldon 2.0, if you will.


    The Big Bang Theory - 生活大爆炸
  • And when the answer to a riddle is contained within stone, even the museum's high-tech scanner can't always find a solution.


    Museum of Life - 生命博物馆
  • I think we could talk to dolphins within five years. Sharing these breathtaking encounters, two of the world's top underwater cameramen.

    我认为我们五年内 就能有办法和海豚对话了。与我们分享这美妙探险经历的,是全球最好的两位水下摄影师。

    Ocean Giants - 海洋巨物
  • By the way, when you go back to your computer, Google UNICEF, and you can give $100 to UNICEF within the hour.


    Financial Markets - 金融市场



come within在…范围内

from within从里面,从…的内部

within oneself在心中;保留体力的