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adv. 不久, 早, 快, 宁愿, 很快




  • That's just not gonna happen anytime soon, buddy. So, you know, come on, relax. Let's play the game. Go, go, go!


    The Pursuit of Happyness - 当幸福来敲门
  • No no no. We misplaced, Teddy. But we're all good now. We heading back to the hotel. We're gonna see you soon!


    The Hangover 2 - 宿醉2
  • And I think it should be soon. Better than he finding out, bye the way, I can't imagine how awful it would be If he saw our photo on page 6.


    Ugly Betty - 丑女贝蒂
  • Well I thought we could go out for dessert take a walk Or we could do whatever you want to do 'cause I don't have to be home anytime soon.


    Ugly Betty - 丑女贝蒂
  • "What began as a sideshow novelty soon grew into something more when the first filmmakers


    Hugo - 雨果
  • We want you to know we really appreciate your hard work. We assure you this is all gonna be settled very soon.


    Ugly Betty - 丑女贝蒂
  • And it could be soon. I mean, think about it. Right now, somewhere out there our baby could be being conceived.

    而且可能会很快。我是说,想想看 就是现在,在外面某个地方。我们的孩子可能正被受孕。

    Friends - 老友记
  • Ladies and gentlemen, the captain has turned on the seatbelt sign, so we ask you to please return to your seats as soon as possible.


    Everybodys Fine - 天伦之旅
  • Jerk. She didn't take it well. Word got back to Juli, and pretty soon she started up with the goo-goo eyes again.


    Flipped - 怦然心动
  • I got to buy me one soon as I have some money. I promised Bubba in Vietnam that as soon as the war was over, we'd be partners.


    Forrest Gump - 阿甘正传
  • No, it is me! I'm not just the person who needs to fluff the pillows and pay the bills as soon as they come in!


    Friends - 老友记
  • I am proceeding with those activities, but in point of actual fact, all I really want to do is have intercourse with you as soon as possible.


    A Beautiful Mind - 美丽心灵
  • As soon as my bones had settled in their adult configuration I set upon my plan to make a bigger place for myself in Ashton.


    Big Fish - 大鱼
  • If nothing's gonna change, I'd just as soon it not change in the way things haven't been changing all this time.

    如果能不改变, 我宁愿不要改变,这些东西我很久没变了。

    Big Fish - 大鱼
  • Okay. Monroe, l'm so sorry. lt's okay. lt's okay, Alma. l'll clean this up just as soon as l call my sister to come get the girls.


    Brokeback Mountain - 断背山
  • You see what just happened, Cal? Soon as you opened your mouth, Tiffany started doubting whether she wanted to sleep with you now.


    Crazy Stupid Love - 疯狂愚蠢的爱
  • I'll come visit you as soon as I can, I promise. I'd like that. I wanna get us all around the same table together.


    Everybodys Fine - 天伦之旅
  • Our first encounter with the fishermen was they went down there at first break of light, and as soon as we arrived, a number of fishermen showed up.


    The.Cove - 海豚湾
  • It made me wonder, do I know more than he does about that sort of thing because I don't think it's going to be over soon?


    Financial Markets - 金融市场
  • Um, his mom was just a kid when she had him, and as soon as she saw what kind of man Tom Overton was, she wouldn't have nothing to do with him.


    The Mentalist - 超感神探



had sooner宁可,宁愿

write soon尽快回信

soon you will see很快你就将知道;不久 你将看到

see you soon再见;待会儿见;希望尽快见到你

so soon这么快

soon enough很快

soon after稍后,不久以后

sooner or later迟早,早晚

how soon多久;多快;多少时间之后

so soon as一…就

all too soon总是太早;过得太快

as soon as possible尽快

coming soon即将来临;马上就来