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  • This gives BYD a unique selling point: The ability to produce electric and hybrid cars at lower cost than in the West. 


  • And a BYD electric vehicle will be displayed at Los Angeles International Airportto boost the company's profile in the U.S. 

    一辆比亚迪电动汽车还将在洛杉矶国际机场(Los Angeles International Airport)展示,以提高该公司在美国的知名度。

  • The door on one BYD car I sat in did not even close properly, never mind achieve the satisfying clunk of an Audi. 


  • Buffett affirmed his support for BYD last month when he visited the automaker in Shenzhen, saying it will be a leader in electric cars. 


  • Talks with the city have been going on since the beginning of this year, when BYD agreed to locate its U.S. headquarters in Los Angeles. 


  • Here were cars made by Geely, BYD (Build Your Dreams) Auto and Changfeng Group, which started life in a People's Liberation Army factory. 

    这里有吉利(Geely)、比亚迪(BYD,意思是Build Your Dreams,建设你的梦想)和长丰集团(Changfeng Group)制造的汽车。长丰集团的前身是一家军工厂。

  • Berkshire and Buffet have repeatedly reiterated their support for BYD, despite over a year of bad profit news, to no avail. 


  • It grew to be very strong in phone batteries and car batteries, and then, in 2003, BYD decided to make its own cars. 


  • One of the last big parcels wasnot divided up for small businesses but transferred to BYD, afast-growing manufacturer of cars and batteries. 


  • After starting out in 1995 as a maker of rechargeable batteries, BYD built its first branded conventionally powered car in 2005. 


  • Industry insiders who know the company well say BYD has struggled with consistency and quality control, including in its EV batteries. 


  • When MidAmerican bought its BYD stake, the media jumped to the conclusion that Mr. Buffett was placing a bet on electric cars. 


  • BYD Co. (1211.HK), a fast-growing company in which one of Warren Buffet's companies owns a stake, says it would feel a pinch. 

    增长迅速的比亚迪股份有限公司说,将会感受到冲击。巴菲特(Warren Buffet)名下的一家公司持有比亚迪股份。

  • The city is also in talks to buy all-electric buses from BYD, which might eventually set up a factory to supply those e-buses to the city. 


  • BYD is not the only carmaker feeling the pinch: this week Ford of the US said its July sales were down 6 per cent year on year. 


  • BYD will also benefit from a reduced tariff at the Port of Los Angeles for electric vehicles that come through the port. 


  • That studious nature and independent streak helped Wang come up with a vision for BYD that in turn landed him on the Forbes list. 


  • Industry insiders and analysts say strategic cars like the S6 crossover and the G6 sedan aren't likely to save BYD. 


  • Crowds also gathered around cars made by a company largely unknown outside of China, the Shenzhen-based firm BYD (Build Your Dreams). 

    人群还聚集在一家在中国外还没多少人知道的汽车制造公司旁,深圳的比亚迪(塑造您的梦想) 。

  • BYD Chairman Wang Chuanfu and Daimler Chairman Dieter Zetsche signed a contract in Beijing Thursday to finalize the agreement. 

    比亚迪董事长王传福(Wang Chuanfu)与戴姆勒董事长蔡澈(Dieter Zetsche)周四在北京签约达成最终协议。